A copy of the nomination letter and form can be downloaded here

The election rules can be downloaded here

17th July 2011

Dear Member,

It’s that time of year again when the Forever Bury Board is looking for new blood. There are six of the twelve places on the board up for election. All the retiring board members are free to seek re-election.

All current Forever Bury members can stand for the board, but must be nominated by two current Forever Bury members.

The independent scrutineer must have received all nominations and candidate statements up to 400 words by noon on Friday 19th August 2011. If there are more nominations than places on the board an election will be held and the election papers will be sent out with the AGM notice in September.

The result of the election will be announced at the AGM on Thursday 6th October 2011.

Copies of the Election Rules, based on Supporters Direct Best Practice rules can be obtained from the cabin, via the Forever Bury postal address, email susan.tunstall@btinternet.com or downloaded from www.foreverbury.org

The AGM is where members can have a say in the future direction of the trust, all current members can put forward motions to be voted on at the AGM.

All motions need to be sent to the Secretary, at the usual address or via e-mail to susan.tunstall@btinternet.com by the 5th September 2011. The secretary will check that the proposer is a current member and that the motion is not against the constitution or does not ask the society to do something, which is illegal. If the motion is in order it will be added to the AGM agenda to be voted on by the members.

Susan Tunstall

Secretary Forever Bury



         Candidate Nomination Form

Forever Bury Election 2011

I agree to allow myself to be nominated for the election for the Board of Forever Bury. In so doing, I confirm I am eligible under the criteria laid out in the Election Rules and agree to agree by those rules and those of the organisation. (The election rules can be obtained from the cabin, via the Forever Bury postal address or downloaded from www.foreverbury.org)


Membership No:_

Signature: _______________________________ Date:

Candidate Statement:Each candidate must provide a statement of up to 400 words giving details of why they think that they should be considered for the Forever Bury board. Please e-mail candidate statements if possible to the Independent Scrutineer at john_trippier@yahoo.co.uk  or by post to the Clarets Trust address below where they will be collated into a single document for distribution to the membership. Candidates may provide a passport-style photograph
  • There are Six positions on the board available for election.
  • John Trippier from the Clarets Trust will be the Independent Scrutineer and Chair of the Election Management Group
  • Susan Tunstall and Dave Giffard, both from Forever Bury, will be on the Election Management Group(EMG)
  • All contact with the EMG should be via the Independent Scrutineer.  Advice and help with nominations and candidate statements can be provided by the EMG.
  • See the Election Rules Policy for full details of the Election.


ALL COMPLETED FORMS AND CANDIDATE STATEMENTS SHOULD BE RECEIVED BY THE NOMINATED INDEPENDENT SCRUTINEER, John Trippier from the Clarets Trust BY noon 19th  August 2011 AT THE LATEST. Please Post Completed Forms To:        John Trippier
                                                            The Clarets Trust
                                                            30 Deerpark Road
                                                            BB10 4SD


Proposed By:     Print Name:Signature:     __________________________   (Membership No:   )Seconded By:      Print Name:Signature:     __________________________   (Membership No:   ) [Note: If the candidate’s contact details have changed since becoming a member of Forever Bury then it is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that updated contact details are included separately with this form.]

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