As there were only five nominations for the seven vacant positions on the Forever Bury Board there was no need for an Election.

The five candidates Dave Giffard, Susan Tunstall, Derek Boulton, Joy Hart and Rob Wolfe had their nominations confirmed  by the members present, at the Forever Bury AGM on Saturday 20th September.

We’d like to that John Trippier from the Clarets Trust for being the Independent Scrutineer for the nomination process.

The remaining board members are Lorraine Fox, Gill Mansley, Danny Bowerbank, Jaime Hipwell opted board member Viv Webb.

Both John Raftery and Chris O’Sullivan have recently resigned from the board.

At the first official meeting of the new board the following positions were filled.

Chair Dave Giffard

Vice-Chair Lorraine Fox

Treasurer Derek Boulton

Secretary Susan Tunstall

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