Dear Forever Bury members and fans, we are well aware of the many rumours floating around on social media about the current financial situation of our club? As Forever Bury we are in the process of communicating with the club to try and understand and gain clarity to the exact seriousness of what these financial implications may mean for the future of Bury Football Club. Understandably there has been many negative responses and rumours made by fans on social media. However, after the chairman’s statement was released most fans are still obviously worried and unsure about the future of our club. 
As the supporters trust, with over £500,000.00 invested in the club, we aim and strive for the same thing as all supporters do, a healthy community football club on and off the pitch! 
Now is the time for togetherness and we aim to move forward working with you the fans and the board to secure the future of the club we all love – Bury FC. With poor support from the town we are never far away from financial woes and we have been in similar situations to this so many times before and have overcome them. Let’s be positive and work together as fans and support all the hard working staff, the board, Ryan Lowe, his staff and this amazing team of players! 

Once we have a firmer understanding of the situation and possible outcomes, the Forever Bury Board, will meet on Thursday, to look at putting forward a strategy that will cover all possible scenarios.

Up The Shakers