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Countdown to the 12th Forever Bury Beer & Cider Festival

The 12th Annual Forever Bury Beer & Cider Festival is fast approaching, May 11th – 13th, with the doors opening at 11.00aach day and thanks to Logistics Sponsors, Bibby Distribution, beers and ciders have been arriving at Gigg Lane from all over the country.  In total, it is hoped  there will be 55 real ales and 18 ciders all at just £2.50 a pint – all the details are on the website….. .

Organisers are optimistic that this will be the biggest and best Festival to date but that greatly depends on the local populace getting down to support the event which has once again linked up with The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity as its chosen charity. With the club managing to retain its league one status it’s hoped many fans will come down to celebrate the end of the season. We’ve had a few enquiries about parking arrangements for camper vans and, as usual, we’ll be looking forward to seeing who is the furthest visitor from overseas.

Volunteers from the charity will be running a crèche during the Saturday afternoon session to enable anyone with young children to come along and support the event. This will run from 11.00am to 4.00 pm.

As this is probably the last Beer Festival to be held at the Social Club due to the imminent proposed redevelopment we are hoping that the customary Saturday afternoon session will see a variety of club colours being sported by the tipplers and volunteers.

There’s still time for any companies, shops, etc to help by donating prizes for the raffles, every penny of which goes to the charity.

Car Boot 2017 Season

The dates for the 2017 car boot season are as follows.

Sunday 2nd April

Sunday 7th May

Sunday 4th June

Sunday 18th June

Sunday 2nd July

Sunday 6th August

Sunday 3rd  September

Sunday 1st October

The car boots start at 7.00am until about 12 noon. It costs £12 for a car or £15 for a van or a car with a trailer. No booking is required. Toilets and refreshments are available. Please respect the neighbours if you arrive early.

If you require any further information please contact Derek on 07717336555

“Evening With Derek Spence”

Up Date

Two further ex Bury players in addition to Brian Williams, (and Derek of course), will be attending the evening. Terry Pashley and Paul Gardner. There may be more. We can only repeat, even if the 70’s was before your time, an evening in the company of ex Bury players. Spence, Williams and Pash, the stories and banter will certainly flow.

Entrance is by ticket only and final day for ordering will be 20 March. Time is moving on. Please see us at the Cabin on a match day, or email, or phone 07957 497419.


The FB Board is delighted to confirm the  “Evening With Derek Spence” will take place on Friday 24 March 2017, in the Pymgate Lounge (Social Club), doors 7.00pm to commence 7.30pm.

Derek will speak in two parts. Firstly, about his career, of which of course Bury FC is a major part, and including Panathinaikos, Blackpool where he is currently (possibly some stories there!),  and his international career with Northern Ireland.  Then later in the evening Derek will answer questions from the audience.


Ticket price includes a two course meal. When booking, please provide any dietary requirements.    


Cost is £30 per person. FB members reduced price of £25 per person. Pre booked table of 10 will cost £270 unless the number of FB members on that table reduce the cost (eg 10 FB members = £250). FB members please provide your name when booking.


Dress code smart casual please.

Open to males and females.


Tickets are available immediately. Either:-

  • Payment can be made in the Cabin on a match day (cash or cheque)
  • Post a cheque to made payable to Forever Bury. Address is ‘Forever Bury’, 3 Saint Mary’s Place, Bury, BL9 0DZ (make sure you do address the envelope to Forever Bury)
  • Any problems/questions, either email Best to enclose your phone number, or phone 07957 497419
  • When booking, please provide your name and any dietary requirements’ If you have a dietary requirement, you must book by no later than 25 Feb please.
  • If you could book as soon as possible, it will be appreciated to ease our workload
  • Unfortunately, paying via Paypal is not viable
  • If you would like to email your question or bring it to the Cabin to get ‘first shout’, please do.
  • Sponsoring the evening will be a great help. If you would like to sponsor the evening, please contact FB for further information.

Please if you can, support the evening. Please pass the word, tell your family/friends/colleagues/tweet/facebook/ etc etc. The FB Board has again listened to suggestions from its members , and put in some hard work to get this event. Not just a ‘name’ who may have appeared in the Premier League, but a true Bury legend. And not only have we kept the cost down, again listening to our members, to give FB added value, we’ve reduced the price for our members

2016 AGM Notice

Forever Bury (Bury Football Club Supporters’ Society Limited)


All members (Aged 16 and over) of the Bury Football Club Supporters’ Society Limited, (Forever Bury) are hereby invited to attend the 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be held at Bury FC Social Club, Gigg Lane, Bury on Saturday 24th September 2016. The doors will open after the match and the business of the meeting will commence at 5-30pm.. If any member is unable to attend, but wish to vote on the proposals, they may appoint a proxy in writing (please click here to download both the notice and Proxy Slip)



1.         Introduction    

The Chair will outline the format of the meeting and the Secretary will read the Minutes of the last AGM (Copies of the minutes are available in the cabin and can be downloaded from here)


  1. 2.            Announcement of Directors of the Board of Forever Bury


  1. 3.            Chairs Statement


  1. 4.            Secretary’s Statement


5.         Financial Statement


A statement of accounts for financial year 01/04/15 to 31/03/16 will be presented by the Treasurer. The accounts will be available at the AGM and are already in the Forever Bury Cabin at Gigg Lane. Please let us know if you want us to send you a copy of the accounts. It is proposed that Members accept the accounts presented for financial year 01/04/15 to 31/03/16.

Click here to download


Resolution 1 – To Accept the Financial Statement for Financial Year 2015/2016


6.         Auditors/Independent Examination of Accounts


Due to the continuing cost of a full audit, the Forever Bury Board are proposing that the members accept an Independent Examination of Accounts instead of a Full Audit.


Resolution 2 –to Have an Independent Examination of the Accounts

It is hereby resolved that subject to the provisions set out in the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014, the members of the Society shall not require an audit for the accounts covering the current financial year ending on 31st March 2017 when they are presented to the next AGM held in 2017 and to have an Independent Examination of the Accounts instead.


8.           Adopting New Rules


Forever Bury currently operate under the 2011 version of Supporters Direct Model Rules, it is important to update them to the 2016 model which is future-proofed and makes reference to the Co-Operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. Copies of the 2016 Model Rules can be downloaded from our website (click Here to download) or viewed in the Forever Bury Cabin.

Resolution 3 – To Adopt the 2016  Version of the Model Rules.


9.         Future Aims

10.          AOB

Forever Bury Board Elections 2016

It’s that time of year again when the Forever Bury Board is looking for new blood. There are nine of the twelve places on the board up for election. All the retiring board members are free to seek re-election.

All current Forever Bury members can stand for the board, but must be nominated by two current Forever Bury members.

The independent scrutineer must have received all nominations and candidate statements up to 400 words by noon on Friday 19th August 2016. If there are more nominations than places on the board an election will be held and the election papers will be sent out with the AGM notice at the end of August. The result of the election will be announced at the AGM on Saturday 24th September 2016 at 5.30pm in the social club.

Copies of the Election Rules, based on Supporters Direct Best Practice rules can be obtained from the cabin, via the Forever Bury postal address, email or downloaded from

The AGM is where members can have a say in the future direction of the trust, all current members can put forward motions to be voted on at the AGM.

All motions need to be sent to the Secretary, at the usual address or via e-mail to by the 24th August 2016. The secretary will check that the proposer is a current member and that the motion is not against the constitution or does not ask the society to do something, which is illegal. If the motion is in order it will be added to the AGM agenda to be voted on by the members.

The Nomination Form can be downloaded here


Sponsored Walk

We’ll be doing the Sponsored Walk to Rochdale again on Saturday 12th March, setting off from Gigg Lane at around 9.30am and taking on the 6.1/2 mile route to Spotland. I’m hoping that most of our members who are going to the match will take on the challenge but if not please sponsor one of the walkers.

The sponsor form can be downloaded here