One of the major roles of Forever Bury is to raise as much money as possible to help ease the crippling amount of debt that still exists even after the administration period that Bury FC was subjected to. We have devised various schemes that we hope will raise considerable sums of money for us. Have a look at our events page to see how we have raised almost £300,000

Forever Bury Beer

This was one of the first ventures of Forever Bury and it will ultimately prove to be one of the most successful. The beer is brewed by Leyden Breweries and we receive £5 for every barrel sold and 10p for every bottle. What better excuse could you have for having a pint?

Sponsor Andy Bishop

As many supporters will be aware, Forever Bury was instrumental in bringing Andy Bishop to the club, and he has become the Forever Bury sponsored player. As a means of raising funds we asked supporters to sponsor Andy’s goals for his first season at the club. Individuals signed up to sponsor Andy for each league and/or cup goal he scored.

The Money Box Appeal (Time for Change at Gigg)

A simple scheme that could raise huge amounts of revenue. Moneyboxes have been distributed and people have been asked to put their small – and not so small – change into them and, when full, return them to Gigg Lane where we will reward them by giving them an empty one so they can go and do it all again! Just have a guess at how many pennies it would take to cover the pitch…

Bury FC Fundraising Schemes

Bury FC run various corporate and individual hospitality packages at Gigg Lane, and not just on match days either.

Targeting Business

The External Relations Group devised a leaflet to distribute to all the businesses in the Bury area. This was one of the many schemes that have been financed by our sponsors.