Forever Bury board elections take place on a 2 year rotation basis, there are currently 12 elected places on the board. We have recently just held our annual AGM of which new board members have been elected for this term.

All current full Forever Bury members can stand for being elected onto the board, they must be nominated by two current Forever Bury members to continue onto stage 2 of the application process.

How to apply? The independent scrutineer must receive all nominations by the date set by the current Forever Bury board in compliance with the strategy. If there are more nominations than spaces on the board then an election will take place with further details being announced in the AGM notice. The result of any election will be announced at the AGM.

Forever Bury Representative 

Forever Bury also have a representative on the board of Bury FC, all current members who have served for a minimum of 12 months of the Forever Bury Board are eligible to apply and gain they must be nominated by two current Forever Bury members and include a candidate statements up to 400 words. Details for the next representative will be announce in due course.


Nomination forms for the Forever Bury Representative to the board of Bury FC and copies of the Election Rules, based on Supporters Direct Best Practice rules can be obtained from the cabin, via the Forever Bury postal address, email susan.tunstall@btinternet.com or downloaded from www.foreverbury.org/



The AGM is where members can have a say in the future direction of the trust, all current members can put forward motions to be voted on at the AGM. All motions need to be sent to the Secretary, at the usual address or via e-mail to susan.tunstall@btinternet.com. The secretary will check that the proposer is a current member and that the motion is not against the constitution or does not ask the society to do something, which is illegal. If the motion is in order it will be added to the AGM agenda to be voted on by the members.

Forver Bury Board Nomination form download

Forever Bury Representative  on Bury FC Board nomination form download

Election Policy