The Mighty Shakers Podcast

podcastThe unofficial Bury FC Podcast 2013/2014 is sponsored by Forever Bury and Forever Bury FC



The Mighty Shakers podcast was created in April 2013 after an idea by Bury fan, Michael Henson. The idea came from a chat with BBC Sports Journalist Sarah Collins who advised Michael that if he wanted to get into broadcast journalism after his degree then he would have to get some experience before. Michael told her about his idea of a Bury podcast that he was going to try and do for the 2013-14 season and Sarah told him to speak to Tom Billington, who is an expert in the field of podcasts.

After getting some advice from Tom about where to publish it and how to market it, Michael decided it would be best to do a trial run for his idea to see what sort of feedback he would get. Michael received very positive feedback from it, as well as getting many good ideas that will be used for future podcasts. The trial podcast is still available to listen to, it can be found here.

The podcasts will feature club news from the week, highlights from the match commentary, post-match interview snippets and two features from the selection on offer. The features that will be used during the season include:

• Team mates – similar to the Soccer AM feature, a player/member of staff will answer a series of questions about their team mates.

• 15 minutes with.. – gained from the Andy Warhol quote, a series of questions that include 15 minutes in. An example of a question that will be used is – If you could spend 15 minutes with anybody, dead or alive, who would you pick?

• Getting to know.. – Mainly used for new signings, an insight into the life of a player with sections on my favourites, my worst, my firsts and my last..

• My Favourites – a feature first used in the trial podcast with Craig Fagan, six questions about the players favourites including goal, stadium and player they’ve played against.

• Dream Team – the player’s favourite XI of all time and a reason why they chose each player.

• FanZone – A feature specifically for fans. A number of questions to get to know a fan and have their moment in the spotlight with questions such as ‘Describe the best Bury goal you can recall’ and ‘Which was the first Bury game you attended?’