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A brief description

Forever Bury was formed after fans meetings that were held following the very public cash crisis that struck in March 2002 when Bury FC were placed into administration. Our plight was highlighted in a fantastic article by David Conn in the Independent Newspaper on 22nd February 2002. Mr Conn was presented with a well deserved journalism award on the pitch at Gigg Lane during a home game. Articles such as this helped to raise public awareness of the desperate situation that was rapidly developing at Gigg Lane.

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Save our Shakers (SOS)

The successful “Save our Shakers” campaign that was brilliantly orchestrated by Neville Neville is now part of Shakers history and hopefully signals a significant change in the fortunes of our football club. From the Seat Sale campaign through to bucket collections, made not only at Gigg Lane but at many league grounds around the country, Neville tirelessly organised supporters groups, gave media interviews, worked closely with the administrators, and finally arranged a deal which would ultimately save the Shakers from extinction. We owe him a huge debt.

An army of supporters was mobilised and funds were frantically raised in a desperate attempt to save our football club. The collecting buckets used now deserve as prominent a place in the Gigg Lane trophy cabinet as our two FA Cups.

At the forefront of the fans fundraising campaign was Gordon Sorfleet whose dedication to the cause ultimately led to him being awarded the “UEFA Fan of the Year” trophy for his efforts. Gordon continually gave interviews to both radio and television, organised an internet campaign which led to seats being purchased from all around the world, an internet auction, and provided supporters with updates and information.


Eventually, Bury Football Club were allowed to come out of administration due to the massive amount of monies that had been raised, the restructuring of the debts, and the purchase of the ground on our behalf by a local benefactor who will allow us to play at Gigg Lane rent free for the next two years.

The start of Forever Bury FC

Like a phoenix from the flames the Shakers incredibly managed to begin the 2002/2003 season and despite relegation, and near extinction, the club will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 6-0 FA Cup win which looked highly unlikely just twelve months ago.

With the help of Supporters Direct, Forever Bury was officially launched on 4th July 2002 and will play a significant role in the development of Bury FC. In recognition of the massive amount of funds that were generated by supporters Forever Bury have a representative on the Bury FC Board of Directors and are now one of the major shareholders of Bury FC.

The initial format of Forever Bury was that there was five working parties formed and a fifteen-member steering committee. This committee had the sole aim of guiding the organisation through the initial stages of existence. After a recent election this steering committee was dissolved and the first board of directors were formed.

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