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A quick update!

Last week saw Forever Bury meeting several times with the rescue board and other footballing organisations, the result of which saw the proposal letter to the EFL board, in case you have missed it the link is below:

Over the weekend Forever Bury worked with supporters to produce personalised letters for every one of the 71 members owners, chairman, chief executives and supporters trusts. We are hopeful that these will be started to be delivered imminently.

In conjunction to our correspondence, James Frith has put together a letter to the EFL club owners with the support of each local MP.

Yesterday, Forever Bury met twice with the rescue board committees and will see further meetings on Friday 20th September where Forever Bury, James Frith, Ivan Lewis, GMCA and Bury council will outline our framework for the bidding process.

We believe we are making good progress and are hopeful to update you soon.

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Members of forever bury have been attending discussions with club staff and Ivan Lewis, exploring all options available. We will give updates when available.

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