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AGM Meeting & Open Meeting

Forever Bury will hold their Annual General Meeting at the Town Halls Elizabethan Suite on Monday 30th September starting at 19:30. This meeting is for Forever Bury Members only, with membership status validated on entry. It is anticipated the AGM agenda will be completed by 20:00 at which time doors will open for all supporters for an open meeting.

The open meeting will be convened to discuss possible options resulting from the EFL's decision not to readmit the Club in to the Football League.

We will try our hardest to have the open meeting streamed online like previously. However, due to the tight timescales we may struggle. We will update you in due course.

The AGM’s agenda is out lined below:


The Chair will outline the format of the meeting and the Secretary will read the Minutes of the last AGM

Announcement of Directors of the Board of Forever Bury

Chairs Statement

Secretary’s Statement

Financial Statement

A statement of accounts for financial year 01/04/18 to 31/03/19 will be presented by the Treasurer. It is proposed that Members accept the accounts presented for financial year 01/04/18 to 31/03/19.

Resolution 1 – To accept the financial statement for financial year 2018/2019.

auditors/independent examination of accounts. The Forever Bury board are proposing that the members accept an Independent Examination of accounts instead of a full audit if in accordance with section 84 of the Co-operative and community benefit societies act 2014, the society be authorised not to undertake a full professional audit of the accounts for the period 01/04/19 - 31/03/20.

Resolution 2 – To have an independent examination of the accounts for financial year 2019/2020.


Meeting Closes

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