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An Open Letter to the Chairman

Dear Chairman,

On behalf of the Bury Football Club Supporters’ Trust, members and fans, we felt compelled to write to you to express our feelings on the ongoing financial problems at Bury Football Club.

Actions over the last few weeks have ripped the heart and soul out of our club, leaving what can only be described as a shell. Players and staff have not been paid in months, footballing and none footballing creditors have not been paid leaving local small businesses footing the bill and fighting to survive.

The supporters and fans of this club have not had any communications or updates as to the state of the organisation since your last statement on the 23rd May 2019. So, we ask that you respond to the following concerns.

1. Loyal and hardworking staff have not been paid and have not been able to attend work due to closure of the club. Please can you provide a timeline of when and if the staff will be paid monies owed and or when they will be able to return to work to prepare for the oncoming season?

2. In recent weeks the club made moves to make staff redundant, can you clarify why the redundancy process was never completed and instead staff received letters stating that their contracts have been terminated due to the club being insolvent?

3. We believe that the stadium does not have the safety certificates required to start the season in 3 weeks’ time, can you assure supporters that the stadium will be ready for the upcoming season and what steps are being taken to ensure this?

4. Have you (or are you, or will you) provided the EFL with proof of funding to give assurance that Bury Football Club can start and complete the coming season in EFL league one?

5. Given the financial situation of the football club is declining under your tenure, what assurances can you give supporters that this great club of theirs has a safe and secure future?

6. What steps are you taking to ensure the CVA successfully passes on 18 July?

We are urging you to do what is right for Bury Football Club and as soon as possible, sell to a buyer who can support the club into a self-sustainable position. We hope, for a change, you are willing to listen to us and act accordingly.


Forever Bury

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