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Football Policing

This survey is being conducted by The Football Supporters’ Association, the national organisation for football fans. We campaign on a variety of issues including improving match day policing and stewarding under the banner Watching Football is Not A Crime.

As part of this work and in conjunction with the police, we have formed Football Policing Independent Advisory Groups. 

The IAGs comprise supporter representatives from clubs in the Greater Manchester region and GMP officers responsible for football policing. 

To help inform the IAG we are trying to better understand fans’ views around football policing at their club in the Greater Manchester area. The survey outcomes will help form discussions with Police at forthcoming meetings. Responses on stewarding will be fed back to both the respective club and your club’s supporter representatives. 

If you have any questions or issues you’d like to raise directly about this survey, please contact [email protected]

To complete the survey please follow the link

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