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Forever Bury Emergency Statement

Forever Bury, the Bury Football Club Supporters’ Trust, are today asking the Club’s owner and Chairman, Mr Steven Dale to either ‘put up, or sell up’.

Two days before their historic Football Club may well lose its membership after 134 years from the English Football League (EFL), the Supporters’ Trust believe now is the time Mr Dale does the right thing and either commits the resources to sustain the Club this coming season, or alternatively sell the Club to someone who can.

Forever Bury are aware that potential bidders have approached Mr Dale with enquiries to purchase the Club and have been unsuccessful in their negotiations, a number of these have turned to Forever Bury for help. Other potential bidders, because of their concern of the response they would receive from the owner, have approached Forever Bury in the first instance. Forever Bury have little power in forcing a sale, this lies mainly in the hands of Mr Dale. However, Forever Bury does know that the majority of the Club’s supporters would dearly like Mr Dale to sell the Club he paid £1 for last December, and allow their nightmares to end.

Forever Bury’s knowledge of the supporters’ wishes was dramatically demonstrated at a Public Meeting held in Bury Town Hall on 5th June, when nearly four hundred fans were asked if they supported the proposal to place the Club in to administration, mainly as a means to remove the current owner. The result was a resounding unanimous, yes.

Mr Dale is currently undertaking a media campaign lambasting the EFL and its stance for upholding the rules that apply to all other seventy one members, while also suggesting he is the innocent altruistic party in this sorry tale.

Rather than taking his story to the public, Forever Bury suggests Mr Dale concentrate on the facts of the matter, including the imminent Thursday deadline and address the options available to him and him alone that will prevent Bury Football Club being consigned to history under his watch.

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