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Forever Bury Statement 26/07/2019

The EFL has from five o’clock yesterday (25/07/2019) put Bury Football Club on fourteen days’ notice of withdrawal of their membership from the EFL. To prevent this occurrence the Club must provide outstanding information, including the means of payment of outstanding football creditor debts and source and sufficiency of funding.

At the adjourned CVA application meeting held on 18 July 2019, Mr Dale, Bury Football Club Chairman and owner, informed the creditors that a credit line up to £6M will be made available for the Club. When questioned at the following shareholders meeting, Mr Steven Wiseglass, the appointed CVA Nominee, confirmed he had seen proof (of) a credit line. Based on this information Forever Bury are bound to ask, if a credit line was available to secure the passage of the CVA, why has evidence of that credit line not been sufficient to satisfy the requirements of the EFL?

Separately; in the last week Forever Bury have been approached by two parties interested in purchasing Bury Football Club. It is known to Forever Bury that at least one of the parties has contacted Mr Dale in an attempt to establish whether the Club remains for sale. At this time no response has been forthcoming.

It is in everyone’s best interest to help provide a secure future for Bury Football Club. Therefore, Forever Bury urgently request Mr Dale to forward the EFL with the information they require and to publically confirm whether, or not, Bury Football Club is for sale.

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