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Forever Bury Statement 3/12/19

Dear Forever Bury Members,

It has been a trying few months for us all with the number of Winding Up Petitions as well as the uncertainties of the future of the club.

Over the last month we’ve co-opted 4 members of the Phoenix group so as to try to work together in order to provide football in Bury in 2020/21, should the football club in its current format not be able to be saved.

Our efforts at Forever Bury though remain the same, to save the football club and our number one priority is to ensure that Bury F.C plays at Gigg Lane.

However, we have to plan for all eventualities including the prospect of liquidation.

We are bound by Non-Disclosure Agreements as is the norm when meeting with potential buyers of the Club or Gigg Lane.

What we can advise is that we have met with a couple of interested parties recently who wish to buy the club in different forms whether this be pre or post liquidation.

We are hopeful that the pre liquidation option is successful meaning that the ground, history and club name are saved and this option has our full support.

In the event of that option being unsuccessful then the club would potentially be liquidated.

The thought of the club being liquidated and the name, history and ground being lost is something that no fan wants but we all need to be realistic that could very well happen.

We have been approached by one party who wishes to buy the ground out of liquidation. Should that happen, this would mean a new club not the Bury FC as we’ve all known it.

This is an option that we are exploring should the club be liquidated in order to save Gigg Lane to avoid it going to rack and ruin if left unoccupied for a number of years.

With regards to the Phoenix group we urge them to continue their approach should both of the options listed above fail.

Due to time constraints and the fact that we’d like to restart our footballing lives next season these 3 scenarios all have to run concurrently which is why companies are being formed on companies house.

As mentioned above there are certain aspects of the current proceedings that we are bound by NDA’s on, this is not to keep fans in the dark but common practice for the circumstances that we find ourselves in.

We understand that the lack of clarity around at the moment on the direction of the club is concerning in what has been a trying and frustrating time for all involved, but we are hopefully that the future of the club will be resolved asap.

Thank you

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