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Forever Bury Statement 7/12/19

Following on from Thursday evening’s board meeting we have a couple of points to bring to your attention.

Firstly, it was agreed last night that the Forever Bury board would make contact with Capital Bridge to revoke the letter of endorsement sent re Rob Benwell. 

We have asked for the letter to be revoked so that we may call a members meeting in order to present the information to you, the members. 

This meeting allow the members to vote on the next steps that we take together.

The date and venue is to be confirmed but when we have these details we will relay them to the members. 

Secondly, a motion to request an EGM has been raised by the membership. 

We have received this motion and are in the process of organising a date and venue for the EGM to take place. 

Finally, we understand that this has been a horrible period for the fans in terms of the uncertainty surrounding the club, and that emotions are running high. We would however like to remind you that we are all volunteers working to try save the club & Ground and kindly ask that you refrain from continuing with the abuse that has been received on Social Media, Messageboards, text message and even in person over the last few days.


Forever Bury Board

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