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Forever Bury Statement - Jill Neville

Everyone at Forever Bury is extremely saddened to hear Jill Neville has resigned as Company Secretary at Bury Football Club.

This is not only a significant business loss for the Club, but also a very sorry end to the long connection between the Neville family and Bury Football Club. Forever Bury would like to place on record their gratitude and appreciation for the dedication and hard work Jill has shown in her various roles at the Club.

For the good of Bury Football Club and no doubt speaking on behalf of all its supporters, as well as many people with connections to the Club, Forever Bury go forward in the hope that Jill may return to her position when a new owner takes control of the Club.

It is also appropriate at this time for Forever Bury to thank all other staff at the Club for their efforts and hard work, who have been adversely affected during this difficult period.

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