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Forever Bury Update 29/06/2019

Forever Bury are aware of the speculation, rumour and concern regarding the lack of news from the Supporters’ Trust. This said, supporters can be assured that Forever Bury are engaging with the numerous parties involved in helping find the best resolution to the Football Club’s difficulties. We are also well aware of the time constraints in front of us, but continue to ask for all supporters understanding that we are working in areas that require confidentiality for the time being.

In recent weeks Forever Bury have used trusts funds to finance legal assistance. Part of this work resulted in the successful adjournment at the June 19th court hearing. Going forward, it is anticipated these cost will increase.

All the Forever Bury Board and numerous helpers are working extremely hard for a solution to the current crisis and we will endeavour update everyone as soon as we are able.

Together as one!

United we stand, divided we fall!

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