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Saturdays Protest

It was busy day yesterday down at Gigg with an estimated 300 fans turning up. We believe we as one made a good statement towards the ownership of the football club.

Forever Bury would like to thank Eve, Sue and Amanda for manning the Cabin, Chris, Nick, Mark and Dean for manning the outside tables and PA system as well as Joe who handed out loads of membership forms. This led to a mass new sign ups and donations for us:

192 members signed up (a few were renewals) this generated:

Cash £1620.00

Cheques £545.00

Donations £225.00

Other direct donations came from:

Lee Marsden £10.00

Carl Bentley £10.00

Maria Hurst £40.00

Peter Kirke £50.00

J.P.Williams Floor Screeds £1000.00

A Grand total of £3,500.00

Additional new signups and donations online (just broke the 400 barrier) come to around £8,860.00.

Balance before our drive for new donations and memberships £54,971.95.

The additional £3500.00 from Saturday, plus PayPal £8,860.00, making a overall total of £67,331,95.

This is a huge step towards reaching our goal of saving Bury Football Club, thank you to each and every one of you!

if you would like to donate further, you can do here

Together as one!

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