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Statement 03/06/2019

Forever Bury are holding an open meeting for members of Forever Bury and supporters of Bury Football Club in the Elizabethan Suite at Bury Town Hall on Wednesday 5 June, commencing 7:30pm. Forever Bury apologises, that because the Elizabethan Suite has a limited capacity, admittance will be strictly on a first come basis.

The objective of the meeting is to inform supporters of Forever Bury’s past and present involvement in discussions relating to the well-publicised financial troubles surrounding Bury Football Club. Forever Bury will set out the current state of affairs and the options it believes that need to be resolved. After questions have been taken from supporters, the meeting will be asked for their opinion on which way Forever Bury should proceed at this critical phase of events.

Forever Bury as an organisation wish to say they are aware communication over the recent period has been somewhat muted, but this has been necessary due to the nature of the discussions they have been involved in. However, the time has now arrived when Forever Bury will endeavour to fill in the blank spaces.

Forever Bury again apologises for the short notice of this meeting. However, as many supporters will be aware time is now of the essence.

A further request, please support our cause on Go Fund Me:

Thank you for your continued support; we hope to see you on Wednesday.

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