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Statement 31/05/2019

Following the successful Fans Forum on Tuesday evening and ongoing discussions with various parties the Forever Bury Board held an emergency Board Meeting on Thursday evening. The purpose of this meeting was to update Board members on the current state of affairs and agree on the way to proceed.

The Forever Bury board were pleased to welcome a representative from the newly formed 1885 Group who played an active part during the meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting, Forever Bury proposed to appoint the visiting representative to the Forever Bury Board, this proposition was accepted and is subject to ratification with the Trusts constitution.

You are no doubt aware of the work that is going on to improve the website and membership system. We have had a tremendous response since Tuesday, over 120 people contacting us for membership forms and since the online system went live yesterday a further 212 have joined.

The additional funding that is generated from these new members will be combined with existing funds which will be used to help Forever Bury with legal and accounting fees going forward.

With everyone’s efforts aimed at uniting as one fan base to ensure Bury Football Club survives beyond the current crisis, Forever Bury appreciate emotions may run high. However, Forever Bury cannot condone demonstrations that may potentially result in illegal disturbances, or even worse. Such actions are damaging to our overall aim and also threaten the very negotiations that are going on in an attempt to secure Bury Football Club’s future.

Thank you for your support – united we stand, divided we fall.

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