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Statement 04/06/2019

It’s been a very hectic and difficult couple of months for us as we have tried to get to grips with the huge problems the club is facing. We’ve held meetings, phone calls, video conferences and gathered around as many possible allies we could find. Much of these discussions have been highly confidential so it has been extremely difficult not being able to keep all our members fully informed.

Due to the urgency and the time constraints we have called the Open Meeting as we want ALL fans to have the opportunity to attend not just Forever Bury members. If we called a special general meeting of Forever Bury members we need to give 14 days’ notice.

We appreciate that many fans won’t be able to make the Open Meeting tomorrow night but we are hoping to stream it live.

We are not voting on anything on the night but will be explaining how we got to our current position and what our next move is. There will be a question and answer session and we will ask for a show of hands in support of our plans. This is not a vote we just need to clarify that the majority accept what we are proposing.

The Forever Bury Board

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