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Statement from Forever Bury and Capital Bridging Finance

Forever Bury can confirm that Capital Bridging Finance Solutions Ltd in partnership with Forever Bury took steps to formally oppose the winding-up petition presented against Bury Football Club and instead sought an adjournment of the hearing to allow a solvent rescue deal to complete.

Capital’s legal advisers, Leonard Curtis Legal Limited, were able to secure HMRC’s prior agreement that they would not oppose the adjournment sought. We understand that Bury FC have proposed a CVA and await details of the proposal and welcome the High Court’s decision to adjourn the hearing of the winding-up petition until 31 July 2019. We remain committed to ensuring the continued survival of Bury Football Club.

We would like to extend our thanks to Glenn Collis, James Frith MP for Bury North, Bury Council Leader Rishi Shori and Derek Calrow who all provided supporting statements for inclusion in the statement of opposition at short notice which where key to persuading HMRC that an adjournment was imperative.

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