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Volunteers for Gigg Lane cleanup

Following last week’s statements from Est.1885, Forever Bury and Bury AFC, we would like to thank each and every one of you who has continued to support us on this journey. Monday's TV coverage of us getting the keys to Gigg Lane has the excitement already building in our community. Without your loyalty and backing, we would not have been able to secure our historic football stadium and club for the town of Bury. Now begins the journey to get Gigg ready for football, so it's time to mobilise a white and blue army of volunteers. To join the effort, contact [email protected], and do mention any specialised skills you might have. Whether it’s general cleanup or particular areas of expertise, every single one of you, no matter your experience, can make a difference. Once we're in a safe position to begin, we will announce our schedule of works and invite volunteers to help us get started. In no time, the ground will be ready for community engagements and football matches, with a team you will be proud of come August 2022. Thanks and Up The Shakers!

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